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About Us

What do you get when you bring together an entrepreneurial mindset and years of experience delivering value creation plans for Private Equity backed businesses? Simple. You get us.

It’s rare to find a company that genuinely wants to align its goals with those of its clients, and is prepared to structure its fees in this way. In our sector, many of the well-known organisations often attempt to embed themselves within their clients’ businesses and their attempts at managing business change through projects can stretch into years, or until the investment runs out. We think there’s another way. We believe it’s a better way.

At How2-Change, we focus the knowledge and expertise of our highly performing Private Equity Value Creation specialists on your requirements.

Each member of our team has proven themselves by delivering high performance in challenging conditions, so they’re able to adapt to your culture and environment in order to drive your business forward.

We have access to a pool of talent that includes Business Change Directors, Business Change Analysts, Executive Coaches, Business Change Trainers, Project Managers, Content Writers, Technical Leads and those able to liaise and work with everyone from the CEO to front line staff.

We deliver value creation plans for Private Equity backed businesses. Our mission is to help organisations to do what may have seemed impossible so their people can achieve extraordinary results, enjoy their work and feel fulfilled.

Why choose us

We align our goals and rewards with yours – risking a % of our implementation fee and agreeing a sliding scale for over-delivery in line with agreed and measurable value creation outcomes help us form a strong partnership for managing change in a private equity culture.

We work quickly and implement our hard won experience of what works. We want to transfer our skills and knowledge about managing change to your business, so we leave behind a legacy. Our focus on delivering agreed results and leaving legacies drives recommendations which fuel our business.

Private Equity Value Creation factors- Professional Integrity

Professional integrity

You might think that all professionals have integrity. That isn’t always the case. It’s quite possible to be well-qualified and highly experienced yet not operate with the high levels of integrity we expect. We know all our specialists well, so you know that when it comes to managing change you’re in safe hands. By aligning our outcomes, we ensure that we create and deliver win-wins.

Private Equity Value Creation factors- Ethical Integrity

Ethical integrity

Ethical integrity is often something that businesses associate with the minimum they need to do – whether that’s social responsibility or reporting their actions to a governing body. When we’re managing your change, we take the time to understand your ethical aims and we align with that goal.

Private Equity Value Creation factors- Financial Integrity

Financial integrity

We know how important it is for you to ensure that there is tight control of budgets and benefits. That’s why when we’re managing change with you, we adopt the same approach. We focus on efficiencies while adhering to best practice. This makes it easier for you to report returns on all change activity, rather than focusing solely on exceptional spend.

Private Equity Value Creation factors- Project Integrity

Project integrity

We treat each project like a business, ensuring clear accountability and a respect for quality, spend and benefits. We encourage clear control and monitoring, as well as personal accountability and responsibility, as we believe that these factors promote the best outcomes for your business when managing change.

Our approach

All the projects we’re involved in begin with a How2-Change Reality Check®. We guide you through this rapid and highly effective process which ensures your change foundations are in place, while respecting your team’s time. You’ll be set up properly to start managing change.

Free Change Management Consultation

How2-Change Reality Check®

The reason many Change projects over-run, over-spend and under-deliver is because the staff didn’t have the knowledge, skills and experience to know how to scope and fully understand a proposed change before embarking on it. The How2-Change Reality Check® helps to solve this problem so you can start managing change confidently.

Private Equity Change - governance to ensure success

Change Implementation

We know that Change implementation is critical. A Change project can be well-planned and budgeted, but if the implementation phase isn’t executed well, it can cause missed deadlines and under performance. We are managing change.

Value Creation in Private Equity

Business results

Outcomes are our focus. We act with integrity but we never lose sight of your end goal – which is for your project to be completed efficiently and effectively, within budget, on time and aligned with other business as usual activity. This is what’s required in a fast paced, results focused Private Equity environment.

Our founder

Our business was founded by Dan Leyland – a highly experienced Change Director with a passion for helping mid-market Private Equity backed businesses to deliver their value creation plans.

He relies on a large team of specialists who provide additional skills and experience. He likes people who have been there, done that and can prove it. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for a challenge, contact him directly on

Dan Leyland CEO

Dan’s experience in start-up environments and turnarounds, whether corporate or project, has delivered consistent results across sectors, cultures and geographies. He likes to work closely with client teams, getting his sleeves rolled up and not just delivering results but enabling the client team to continue as change leaders after he’s gone. His approach is a combination of Interim Management, Coaching, Training and Mentoring. Dan is married with two children and a house full of pets. He enjoys long distance running and has completed The Cotswold Challenge – a two-day ultra-marathon which proved equally challenging and satisfying to complete.

Free Change Management Guide

Get our free Change Management guide

Want to change the game and deliver breakthrough Change Management results?

Free Change Management Guide

Get our free Change Management guide

Want to change the game and deliver breakthrough Change Management results?