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Change Function

A new client asked us to help them set up a high performing change and transformation function. We’ve done this for mid-market to FTSE100

The Approach

There’s always context behind a perceived need for Change, and this is where we start. In this case, the company had seen a sudden impact on its P/L as a result of a regulatory change. They are a pharmacy multiple retailer, and the change was in the way that prescription charges were paid and profits allocated.

This wasn’t just a small adjustment but a fundamental change and one which meant that their business model and many of their stores were rendered under-performing.

So here’s what we did:

  • Ascertained underlying issues, success criteria and individual motivations of the people designated to set up the Change Function as part of The Reality Check®.
  • Supported development of Vision, Purpose, Aims, Values & Behaviours for Function.
  • Created development roadmaps to build skills and confidence for change.
  • Reviewed in-flight projects & programmes, making recommendations for which to  stop, and course corrective action.
  • Worked with newly forming team & other stakeholders to develop Change Roadmap – Supported Strategic Review of Business across International markets.

The Outcome

Handed over to new team to continue with Change Roadmap; Developed Framework and Modules for Change Training for roles including PM, BA and Sponsor to enable improvement in Change Maturity within the business.

Other examples of work setting up and improving change capability in organisations includes work with a FTSE 100 Technology Business and various Private Equity Portfolio Businesses.

  • Built Change & Transformation Function
  • Embedded skills within organisation

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