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Provide the Change Management for Outsourcing of a range of services including store call handling, e-commerce queries and customer relations support

The Approach

Our Business Change Management approach included:

  • Working with cross-functional team as part of The Reality Check® to better
    understand the challenges and scope of change, including the desired culture.
  • Oversight of Business Processes mapping to ensure culture was evident in behaviours.
  • Management of the design, build and test of the system to control and automate processes.
  • Management of TUPE process to transfer in house team to outsourced function.
  • Development and roll-out of training programme.
  • Development of reporting to support a team of 130 across multiple sites.
  • Development of operational service improvement strategy options including offshoring.
  • Putting in place strategic roadmap and continuous improvement mechanisms.

The Outcome

We helped our client to reduce their customer complaints by 98% (12% to 0.2%) in 12 months. We delivered £50k per year saving via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) messaging to avoid contact. We reduced their contact rate from 27% to 4%.

Similar strategic operational improvement work includes driving adoption of a set of standard operating procedures for a 17 language technical support shared service centre for a technology business, and identifying why some International markets were significantly more lucrative than others for a multi-national retail business. 

Let us help you with the change management aspects for your outsourcing. We work with organisations to deliver customer centric change, with tangible results and sustainable change outcomes.

  • Reduced complaints by 98%
  • Reduced contact rate from 27% to 4%

“Professional, reliable & diligent – highly recommended”

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