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Delivery Assurance

A new FTSE100 client asked us to run delivery assurance to identify why their Change Programme and projects were not performing.

The Approach

Change is just a process, the execution of which is supported by knowledge, skills and experience. It’s this wealth of knowledge which enables us to work with clients and help them to put in place the foundatins for success, as well as identifying and resolving any vulnerabilities.

In this case, more than 100 Projects had been inherited by a new leadership and management team, and it felt like death by a thousand cuts. Each report or meeting seemed to suggest that projects were suffering. They were costing more than planned, delivering late (if at all) and when they did there was often nothing much to show in comparison with what had been forecast.

So, here’s what we did:

  • Ran each of the in-flight Projects & Programmes through  The How2-Change Reality Check®.
  • Made recommendations for tactical course corrective activity.
  • Senior management roles identified and approved to deliver the remediation.
  • Embedded processes, tools and templates for use in all change activity.
  • Developed and delivered Change Training for Project & Programme Managers.
  • Developed and agreed Roadmap including quick wins & Operating Model changes.

The Outcome

Projects & Programmes allocated to stop, start, continue & course correct categories. Near and longer term strategy agreed to manintain healthy change portfolio, and enable IT team to pre-empt and lead business needs for change & transformation.

Change & Delivery Assurance activity experience also includes turnaround of a £70m Programme for a FTSE 100 Financial Services business and various smaller engagements such as initiating and running a portfolio of change for a £100m turnover PE backed healthcare business.

  • 100+ projects reviewed & course corrected
  • Strategic improvement roadmap agreed

Great knowledge, drive and commitment; outcome focus and thinking from the perspective of multiple customers helped us to make change happen in the best possible way

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