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90% of Executives have a high degree of confidence in their change management process

Confident in your Change Management?

As a Change Management Consultancy, we asked whether Executives' confidence levels were linked to a robust Business Change Management Process


It’s often surprising that with two modes of operation (Business as Usual and “Business as Unusual” – Change), there’s not the same discipline applied. Why do organisations look at their processes, controls and wider elements of their Operating Model for “run mode” but they neglect their Business Change Management Process? Yet, despite this many maintain a high level of confidence level in their ability to Change.


We conducted some research to understand whether perspectives had changed post-Covid, as businesses gear up for an exceptional period of Business Transformation, with or without Consultancy support. Are Senior Executives focused on the facts, and mindful that Change Management success isn’t a given, unless you apply a structured and proven Business Transformation Framework and Business Change Management Process and force yourself to confront the brutal facts when things aren’t on track?


Mismatch between confidence levels in change and data about likelihood of success

We found a mismatch between Executives’ confidence levels and data about success rates for Change


You may have seen our recent Advertising Campaign, which was quite brutal, but intended to draw attention to the disparity between confidence levels and results. For some reason, it’s become an accepted practice to gloss over investments in exceptional activity and not expect to see returns on investment, because we’re know that projects tend to over-run, over-spend and under-deliver.


But why? Why would we accept something that we neither want, nor that serves our purpose? Surely we’re not stuck in a world where Change isn’t possible? The Dinosaurs are a testament to what can happen when we fail to evolve. We’re not advocates of the “land and expand” approach of many traditional Business Transformation Consultancy businesses. We favour an approach which embeds the knowledge, skills, expertise and confidence of a Change Management Consultancy in client orgnisations by embedding our Business Change Management Process.



So this leaves us with an interesting question – why would so many Senior Executives believe that their organisations are well equipped with the knowledge, skills, expertise and capacity for Change when the data suggest otherwise?


This is why we kick off every engagement with our How2-Change Reality Check® which helps them to see beyond perception, and understand what’s really going on using our structured Business Change Management Process. Why not download our Free Change Management Guide for Breakthrough Results?


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Posted on 19/07/2021 in General