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Change Fatigue


Change Fatigue is fake news! Change Fatigue and Change Resistance are convenient excuses for poorly designed and delivered projects.

They’re so often referenced, especially during and after large Change Programmes, but are they real or are they simply convenient excuses?

Who wouldn’t be fatigued by project teams promising the earth and delivering less?

Who wouldn’t build up a healthy degree of resistance to push back the next time there’s a proposal to consume time from busy people on a fools’ errand?

When an organisation’s people are engaged up front to understand their perspective on how the organisation is doing, its problems and opportunities and the outcomes they’d expect from a potential Change, we kick off in a way which wins hearts and minds.

When we continue to engage and involve the people who are each organisation’s greatest asset throughout a Change Journey, we retain and strengthen credibility and secure their support rather than their resistance.


How2-Change – how we work

Adding value straight away

The key to a successful Change is actually remarkably simple, and it isn’t much different to Business as Usual, or life more generally. If you find out what people want and give it to them they’ll be happy.

We can help you turn this simple principle into action and tangible results, quickly and easily, whether you’re just about to embark on a Change or whether you’re already off and running and experiencing some of the signs and symptoms of the things others like to call Change Fatigue and Change Resistance.

The benefit of our experience is that we’ve seen an awful lot of Change and Transformation efforts which have eaten up time, effort and energy without giving much back. Right from our first day working with your team, we’ll be engaging with them to tap into their unique blend of knowledge, skills, expertise and motivations to understand, challenge and collaboratively design your Change.

Our simple, yet powerful methodology

We firmly believe that simpler is better, which is why we’ve refined and improved our ways of working over many years. We are experts in one thing. We help organisations to do what may have seemed impossible, so their people can achieve extraordinary results, enjoy their work and feel fulfilled. We use a proven methodology which has delivered often unimaginable results across sectors, geographies and company sizes.

We start with our How2-Change Reality Check® to ensure that problems and opportunities are fully, consistently and accurately understood, that outcomes are agreed with all key stakeholders and that the scope, approach, plan, resourcing and financials are agreed up front, along with a plan for navigating the likely challenges.

This promotes:

  • Informed decision making
  • Greater transparency
  • Realisation of agreed outcomes
Free Change Management Guide

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Want to change the game and deliver breakthrough Change Management results?

Free Change Management Guide

Get our free Change Management guide

Want to change the game and deliver breakthrough Change Management results?