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IR35 – a challenge or an opportunity?

The much-maligned roll-out of the IR35 tax legislation into the private sector has driven many an organisation to worry and to act quickly to remove temporary specialist support or to change the way that they bring in short term help.

Another perspective may be a little controversial. We accept that not everyone will agree. A well-designed and executed IR35 roll-out could have set the platfom as the most beneficial factor to help organisations change as they grapple with both challenge and opportunity within a highly complex and unprecedented operating environment.

This complexity is driven by Covid-19 and, for UK and Europe, Brexit. The market in the UK is flooded with experts, many of whom want to stay in organisations for as long as they can rather than to deliver outcomes, leave legacies and make their support redundant. Regardless of which side of this debate you lean towards, IR35 has made the task of resourcing up extraordinary activity more challenging, and we can help.


The key, both for IR35 and for Change, is to be really clear about challenge and opportunity in business, the outcomes you want and your scope. Without clarity on these, IR35 isn’t your only concern.

We can help you with both.

How2-Change – how we work

First we need to understand

There are well publicised statistics about the likelihood of success with Change, and the number of CEOs who have lost their jobs because of mismanagement of Change. These issues are all driven from fundamental misunderstandings.

Firstly, Change is the process which defines problems and opportunities, and turns them into agreed upon and measurable outcomes. It isn’t a form of palliative care which makes people feel better about badly designed and delivered projects.

Secondly, what is the Change you’re looking to embark upon? Is it completely, accurately and consistently understood across key stakeholders. Or is it initiated in haste based on perceptions rather than reality, and then regretted later?

Then we can help you to make success an inevitability

We start with our How2-Change Reality Check® to ensure that problems and opportunities are fully, consistently and accurately understood, that outcomes are agreed with all key stakeholders and that the scope, approach, plan, resourcing and financials are agreed up front, along with a plan for navigating the likely challenges. Once this is done, we work with your HR Team to agree the IR35 status of any roles which need to be filled, and help you to identify a glove fit based on Statements of Work, a deep understanding of Change and the knowledge we’ve gleaned about your corporate culture.

Once we’ve defined the Change and you’ve made an informed choice to proceed, we can then offer tailored support which may include light touch Change Delivery Assurance or a more hands-on Change Implementation Service. In either case, we focus on working with your team to build their knowledge, skill and confidence so that your organisation becomes more change capable and less reliant on third parties, except where it’s your choice to add some capacity.

This promotes:

  • Informed decision making
  • Understanding and risk management
  • Realisation of agreed outcomes
Free Change Management Guide

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Want to change the game and deliver breakthrough Change Management results?

Free Change Management Guide

Get our free Change Management guide

Want to change the game and deliver breakthrough Change Management results?