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Business Change Implementation


It’s possible to plan a Business Change project incredibly well – securing the right resources and budget – yet still find it under-performs if your implementation stage is weak.

Navigating the journey from strategy and plan to execution and results isn’t always straightforward. Our Business Change Implementation Service is a turnkey solution. We take accountability for delivery, often working on a risk & reward basis.


  • We’ll guide your implementation
  • Our support will help turn your plans into reality
  • Engage us early and boost your outcomes
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How2-Change implementation

Strong planning, strong implementation

Having invested time, effort and money to ensure an accurate, collective understanding of the change on which you’re about to embark, our dedicated How2-Change implementation service is the logical next step. It’s designed to ensure that any problems and opportunities which drove the need for business change are addressed, and the outcomes signifying success are met.

Supporting robust performance

Typically, the Business Change Implementation team contains a mixture of client team members and How2-Change specialists. We build on the existing knowledge, skills, expertise and confidence of your staff. We also look to identify and work with Busines Change Champions within your business to ensure that you’re the conduit between the implementation team and the rest of your business. This can be a vital role in key functions such as Business Readiness and Business Change Impact Management.

Our How2-Change Reality Check® will identify what constitutes success. We use a good, better and best framework for our outcomes. This ties in with a risk and reward fee structure because we’re confident about our ability. We’re keen to break the mould of consultancies operating in their own best interests. Instead, we align our rewards with your rewards.

Our Business Change Implementation approach promotes:

  • Reduction of risk
  • Greater consistency
  • Better control

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