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Business Change Recruitment


Business Change Management Recruitment – Change Directors & Teams – 70% of Programmes fail? Ours don’t! Need help? Interim Change Management

The process for Business Change Management Recruitment isn’t always optimal nor is it straightforward.

Most organisations are staffed to run, rather than change their business. They don’t, therefore, have the knowledge, skills and experience to fully and accurately scope their Change, which means that there’s some risk in the recruitment process.

Many recruiters do not have first-hand experience of designing and delivering Business Change. That’s why they lack the insight, which can only come from direct experience, to be able to challenge the brief they’re given to ensure the client gets exactly the resource they need.


  • We'll help you scope and understand your Change
  • You'll be a confident, informed buyer
  • It'll cost you less and protect you from HMRC's IR35 regulations
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How we work

Scoping and understanding your Change

Within similar timeframes to those you may expect for briefing a recruitment business, we’ll work with you and your team to really understand the challenges, opportunities and outcomes. These determine the scope of your Change. Think of start and end points beng plugged into a Satellite Navigation System so that it can calculate your route. This is how we work with you to agree your Change Journey. Projects and Programmes are simply the vehicles which address your problems and opportunities, in order to deliver your outcomes.

Client feedback:

Clients have described this process as cathartic. They felt listened to and understood at a level which wasn’t familiar to them in business.

We run a playback session, supported by a succinct summary of the work we’ve done with you to facilitate discussion. This sets out your vision for success, your assessment of your current reality, and the scope of your proposed change. We’ve also worked with you on the indicative costs, benefits, timelines and likely challenges. This substantially reduces your margins for error, and helps manage shareholder and stakeholder expectations.

All of this may sound simple, and it is, although simple and easy can be very different. It’s the way that we engage with your organisation that taps into the wisdom of the crowd. We surface ideas and dialogues which have often not been shared, and yet they’re the very basis for effective Change.

Supporting informed buying and risk management

Having worked with you to scope out your Change, we’re then ideally positioned to tap into almost 20 years of experience designing and delivering Change within organisations ranging from startups, through the mid-market and up to FTSE 100 and multi-nationals.

What you need will be a blend of knowledge, skills and experience. Of course. What you also need is an apppropriate understanding of how to work within your unique operating environment at the time you’re embarking on Change. Every organisation has its own culture and peculiarities. That’s what makes them unique, just like each of us is an individual.

Pricing & Regulatory Compliance:

All of the roles we fill have been reviewed by our legal team to ascertain their IR35 status, and our offering provides you with indemnity against IR35 financial exposure.

We don’t charge any fees or margins to clients for recruiting and supporting your candidates, including access to our suite of processes and tools. Your investment, and our ground-work, came whilst we scoped your Change. We believe that finding the right candidates can only be done when your change and your operating environment and culture are fully understood.

Once we’ve found you the right people, we agree risk and reward based fee structures for the people we provide to you. Under-delivery against our agreed outcomes means that we share the pain. Over-delivery means we share the upside. This is very different to the fee structure you’ll find on offer from the traditional Business Consultancies, and Recruitment Businesses.

This promotes:

  • Satisfied clients - took no longer and cost no more
  • Partnership based relationships - aligned risks and rewards
  • Significantly better results - informed decisions


We’ve talked about what we offer, why and how. What other options do you have?

In just a few minutes, you can Google terms like Business Change Recruitment, and Business Transformation Consultancy. Lots of results come up. Have a read of the language though, and you’ll quickly see that none talk about direct experience of delivering tangible results from Change.

Why? Because they lack this experience. Many will aim to position themselves as leaders in the field, and build credibility via facilitation of events with members of their community. However, the expertise still lies elsewhere.

Traditional Recruitment

Here’s some of what you’ll find from your Google search:

Our Business Change and Transformation division has enjoyed the position as one of the front runners in change management recruitment since its inception in 2006. With more than 50 consultants specialising in Business Change and Transformation recruitment, we are one of the largest specialist Change Management recruitment agencies in the UK.

Our consultants are true specialists in their market and hold in-depth industry knowledge. Our expertise, alongside access to our curated talent pools, ensure we can offer specialist recruitment solutions to our client base and offer a wide variety of change management job opportunities for those looking to secure their next role.

Candidates looking to advance their Change & Transformation careers should find plenty of inspiration with us. Whether you’re seeking a fresh challenge with a new business or taking a sideways step into something different, we have the contacts and the expertise to realise your next position.

Change & Transformation careers today take in a whole range of jobs across many sectors, from Programme Director to PMO Analyst, with technology disruptors driving an increasingly diverse marketplace.

The emphasis is always on matching, rather than direct experience:

We’ve matched thousands of candidates with excellent positions and helped them to reach new heights in their careers. To help you understand the roles we recruit, we have broken down the jobs by level and category.

Over the last decade, change and transformation has become an increasingly important aspect of business operations. Once the exclusive preserve of consulting partners, change and transformation has evolved to take a senior presence within business leadership teams.

Our Change & Transformation practice can help you secure experienced talent to build, shape & deliver business change functions as well as lead and deliver programmes of business transformation.

Experience is indirect:

Change and Transformation Recruitment: Effective change professionals combine the delivery of change management and change leadership. We look to identify those who can create, utilise and instil a core set of tools and structures. These are intended to keep any given change initiative under control, bringing the focus to minimise the distractions and impacts of the change.  They marshal the driving forces, visions and processes that fuel large-scale transformation.

Our Change & Transformation practice brings dedicated expertise and in-depth knowledge of the leadership and management challenges facing organisations.

We work closely with Business Leaders to appoint:

  • Directors of Change
  • Heads of Transformation
  • Business Change Leaders
  • Business Change Managers
  • Change Programme, Change Portfolio, and Change Project Managers.

We identify those candidates with the right skills, and critically the right fit. We help your organisation capitalise upon change delivery and the commercial opportunities associated with business transformation.

Change Management Recruitment that delivers on time

Delivering on time

Connecting transforming businesses with the talent they need to keep pace with the market and customer demand. Providing talent solutions that provide an extra level of agility and quality to business critical projects.

The words are encouraging but how do they do this?

It’s in our culture to understand your culture. Finding the right hire in the area of business change and transformation relies on acquiring the right blend of technical credentials coupled with the softer skills for project success.

Business transformation is a massive and costly challenge for any business. It’s key to recruit transformation leaders that can quickly identify with and align to the unique culture of the organisation. They need to win stakeholder support to deliver on key initiatives. This cultural issue makes business change and transformation recruitment challenging.

It’s not simply a case of matching a CV with a job specification. So often, hiring managers will see a candidate that ‘looks suitable on paper’. Then they find out they are not a good cultural fit for the business at first interview.

That is often where the business change recruitment team comes in, with the experience and knowledge to understand the dynamics of a client and then filter through our candidate communities and referrals to find the perfect fit.

Why do partners typically engage with our Business Change Recruitment Team?

  • an important initiative to deliver and can’t afford to make a bad hire.
  • wasting time sifting through multiple CVs that miss your brief.
  • finding candidates that meet the job specification but miss the cultural fit.
  • to scale up and onboard high-quality project resources in tight timeframes.
  • need a recruitment partner that’s committed to understanding your business.
  • access to a network of candidates with a track record of delivering change in similar projects and environments.

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