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Business Change Training


We believe leaders and managers should be as skilled and confident changing a business as running it. Our Business Change Management Training helps.

A lack of understanding of how change works well can be costly in terms of time and money.

From slowing down projects to actively undermining progress, the results can be challenging to fix once they’ve gone off track. Further, many high performing managers and leaders are asked to take on complex Change, without support to develop the right mindset and skills-set. This can substantially erode their confidence.


Ready to start building the skills and confidence for change in your organisation? Business Change Management Training is an essential part of the range of services we provide.

We take the time to understand all your needs, in some cases not immediately apparent needs, using the How2-Change Reality Check®

Why do we do it this way? Simply because our experience tells us that fully understanding the challenges, opportunities and outcomes your business faces helps us to scope a tailored Business Change Management Training solution for your needs, rather than offering you a loose fitting off-the-shelf solution.

Our services are ideal if you’re looking for a way to upskill your team so they’re able to deal with change in a highly efficient way. We know that to be successful, leaders and managers need to be able to change an organisation, not just run it.

Delivered in a style that suits your business

Investing in your people

Our modular training covers a variety of essential topics that’ll power your organisation forward. They’re designed to build the capabilities and confidence of your organisation to lead and manage change. You can pick and mix the topics you’re interested in, or you can ask us to suggest what might be most useful for you.

This can include:

  • How2-Motivate an organisation for success
  • How2-Establish simple, effective Change Governance
  • How2-Conduct Change Assurance
  • How2-Plan for Change Success
  • How2-Manage the impacts of Change

Delivered in a style that suits your business

We work with some clients who want their teams to benefit from a selection of essential off-the-shelf modules, each of which provides the training, tools and templates for active use, and coaching support. Many clients prefer our tailored solutions to meet specific objectives. We can deliver this face-to-face (provided appropriate coronavirus restrictions are applied) or online.

This promotes:

  • Confidence in the workplace
  • Greater teamwork and personal accountability
  • A more aligned and successful approach

How2-Change quick wins

  • Boosts Change skills, so you can be equally adept and confident changing your business as running it
  • Reduces reliance on third parties to design, prioritise, plan and implement change
  • Greater understanding and purpose for your employees
  • Returns on training investment can pay dividends
  • Can reduce attrition and promote wellbeing
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