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How2-Change Reality Check®

Change Project Management: Get off to a great start

Beginning in the wrong way can be more damaging than delaying it and beginning it later.

Beginning your Change Project Management in the wrong way can have several negative effects. This includes reputational impact, increased attrition in the workforce, and – if customers have been communicated to – attrition among customers too. And that’s without considering the budgetary and timings impacts from re-working incorrect decisions.

Unfortunately, on occasions high performing leaders and managers are asked to take ownership for Change Project Management, without having the knowledge and skills required, and this unreasonable expectation can be extremely damaging for them and for the organisation.

What can then happen is that either a Consultancy is brought in, or a Recruitment Consultancy is briefed. Many of the traditional consultancies run on a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) which set them at odds with their clients’ interests. They measure and reward the behaviours which get their people “off the bench” and into client organisations. Whether they have the knowledge, skills and experience is an open question. Recruitment Consultants have rarely got any direct experience of delivering change, so how can they ask the right questions to get a complete and accurate brief?

You may have heard terms like Change Resistance and Change Fatigue? We believe that both are fake news. They’re convenient excuses for ill-conceived and poorly-delivered Projects. It doesn’t surprise us that employees would be cynical about yet another project which promises the earth, when so many in the past haven’t lived up to their billing. Similarly, why wouldn’t people resist bad ideas?

Our How2-Change Reality Check® sets you up for Change Project Management success.

Strengthening your Change Project Management and reassuring stakeholders

When we undertake a How2-Change Reality Check®, we give you peace of mind that you have the information and recommendations in place to achieve the outcomes you want, because your Change is set up for success, and on track.

This can help to reduce pressure, and raise morale, as well as to incentivise staff to move forward with more confidence.

Our role with a How2-Change Reality Check® is to create informed buyers amongst our clients. In many cases, this leads to use of our Business Change Implementation Services, but not always. By creating solid foundations for Change, we can provide light touch support through our Business Change Delivery Assurance and Business Change Training to embed the skills and confidence in client organisations so that their leaders and managers can run their own Change.

Sometimes, clients may also choose to take up our Business Change Coaching, which provides confidential, 1-2-1 support for those who are leading, managing or impacted by Change. There’s no point knowing it can be lonely at the top without providing support, or knowing that change can be daunting for people and wondering whether they’ll become anxious and potentially leave. We can support client teams through their Change Management.

What a How2-Change Reality Check® involves


Briefing with you

Using your initial brief as a base, we’ll meet with you to dig a little deeper and to agree a schedule for our activity and book in our review meeting with you. We believe that the answers always lie within our clients’ organisations, so that’s where we look. After all, your people have the knowledge, skills and experience. We simply plug in our Change methodology.


Stakeholder meetings

We then run a series of short meetings with an agreed list of key stakeholders to understand their perspectives. It also gives us an idea of their perception of any opportunities or challenges, and their motivations regarding the proposed change(s). We challenge as appropriate, and seek supporting collateral to review during our Change Project Management health checks.



We then work hard to turn all the information and documentation into the foundations which set your Change Project Management up for success. These ensure a consistent, accurate and complete understanding of your proposed Change so that you can make informed decisions confidently.


Review meeting

We’ll then meet you to play back our findings, discuss options and recommendations. Where appropriate, because of capability or capacity gaps, we will have pre-screened suitable and available candidates (without disclosing your company name) so that we can present you with options to resource your implementation. Better still, we don’t charge clients a margin for our specialist change project management resource.

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We like to keep each How2-Change Reality Check® as short as possible while ensuring it captures the right information.

We’ve found that the relatively small investment of time and money pays for itself many times over as your Change can be quickly mobilised. For in-flight projects, we apply our findings and agreed recommendations to course correction.

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Incredible Change Project Management results are possible

  • NPS increased by 30 points
  • Best Retail Customer Experience award

Boost your negotiating position

Our approach to Change Project Management can yield startling results – and not just at the project level. In one case, the initial investment of 20 days in the How2-Change Reality Check® enabled a client to claw back 40% of the consideration (purchase price) and enhanced the scope of the transaction as we unearthed some discrepancies in the due diligence, which were going to create operational issues and needed to be addressed.

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Free Change Management Guide

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Want to change the game and deliver breakthrough Change Management results?

Free Change Management Guide

Get our free Change Management guide

Want to change the game and deliver breakthrough Change Management results?