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Stakeholder Management for Business Change

Persona – The Overbearing Stakeholder

Stakeholder Management for Business Change. Difficult Stakeholders? Change Resistance? Change Fatigue? These are signs of ineffective Change. When you understand Stakeholders' needs, it's surprising how quickly their behaviours become supportive.

Stakeholder Management for Business Change

Jim has had a good career. He leads a 1,000-person sales function, has made it to the Country Leadership Team for a £bn business and outside of work there aren’t many extreme events he hasn’t completed. You need to know about golf betting sites. In some contexts, Jim’s a great guy.

As a Sponsor for a large and complex Change Programme, Jim doesn’t realise that he’s actually creating more issues than he solves. His leadership style is alpha-male, and he’s used to hearing good news stories, rather than working through uncertainty and plotting a course through a complex transformation. He’s often heard telling his team to bring him solutions, not problems.

The culture he creates drives a set of behaviours which aren’t always helpful. Reports always highlight the positives. Bad news is hidden and causes anxiety. Sooner or later though, the reality will become obvious. In the context of Business Change, pushing away problems until they’re resolved can be a sure fire way to guarantee that they morph into more complex, challenging and costly issues.

If ever you see or hear of a Project or Programme which is constantly reporting that all’s well (we call this a Green status), remember that if something seems too good to be true, it often is. Try asking some tough questions, following your gut instinct. For example “Great to see in the report that the Project appears to be in good shape. Can you just walk me through the checks you regularly undertake to satisfy yourself that all the foundations for success are in place?”

It doesn’t have to be like this

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Posted on 21/06/2019 in Humour, Personas