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Business Change Delivery Assurance


Although your team may already be in place to carry out the implementation of a project, ensuring you have the right framework, governance and control can still be a challenge. This can lengthen timings, pressure budgets and increase risk.

Business Change Delivery Assurance – Is your Change Management on track? That’s the question we ask. When the answer is anything other than a resounding “yes” then why not ask how we can help you set your Change Projects and Programmes up to succeed?


  • Use our advisory support services
  • Benefit from our recommendations
  • Flexible change expertise available as you need it
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How we work

A schedule tailored for your business

Our independent advisory support can be a critical factor in ensuring you have the control you need. We can work with you for as little as a few days each month. This allows us enough time to make recommendations based on your specific project requirements.

With this kind of flexibility, you can decide how much support you need. We’ll liaise with your implementation team and we can provide additional support for Steerco and Board teams.

We start our Business Change Delivery Assurance with a How2-Change Reality Check® to ensure that we’ve met all key stakeholders, highlighted and discussed areas of concern and we can then tailor a schedule for the support which will add the most value. Usually, this involves some time spent ahead of Steerco and Board Meetings to ensure that materials are well prepared and issued with time for pre-read and discussion of topics ahead of any formal meetings.

Stay on track with us

We can work with your team to ensure that concerns are captured and action plans agreed. If required, our service can be accompanied by How2-Change Training and How2-Change Coaching. We’ll focus on building awareness within your business through the improvement of processes and the resolution of issues, and we’ll also help ensure you have the right control in the right place at the right time. This can save you time and money during the project and help to realise benefits.

This promotes:

  • High standards of governance and control
  • Reassurance for stakeholders
  • Reduced pressure on teams

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