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Top 10 tips for CEOs

Top 10 tips for CEOs to lead in a changing world

Top 10 tips for CEOs: Since the Financial Crash, many businesses run very lean. Leaders and Managers have the skills and confidence to run their businesses. Here are our top 10 tips for CEOs to lead in a changing world. You can find more information about golf betting sites. Isn’t it as important for leaders and managers to change a business as well as they run it?

  1. Understand that Change is everything other than Business as Usual (BAU) – it’s “Business as Unusual”
  2. Have a point person who is accountable for Change. Accountability shoudn’t be shared otherwise it blurs the lines.
  3. Ask for a big picture view – how do all moving parts fit with BAU – what lands when? Are changes clustered by related problems, opportunities & outcomes?
  4. Expect a monthly Exec Steerco, which precedes your Board Meeting. Insist on succinct updates without filters. If there are problems, you want to know about them.
  5. Expect a simple version of each of your Change Programmes – if it can’t be explained on one side of A4, refuse to read it!
  6. Always start with Why – what’s the problem / opportunity being addressed by a Project / Programme?
  7. What is success & specifically how is it measured?
  8. Reconcile scope – what are the differences between “as is” & “to be” – where you have multiple Projects & Programmes, being clear about scope for each & dependencies between them is crucial
  9. Ask for deep dives to get into detail – how does scope drive plan, which drives financials? How do risks & issues link to scope, plan, financials or benefits? How is contingency managed?
  10. Create a culture of “let’s work together to nip things in the bud” rather than “bring me solutions, not problems”

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Posted on 01/07/2020 in General, Humour, Top Tips